Vertical form/fill/seal machine

Typ VF 200 Torocoll

Pure paper tubular bags

Typ VF 200 Torocoll

Information and technical data

Pure paper tubular bags plastic films can hardly be replaced as packaging material because of their favourable properties. Nevertheless, with regard to the waste problem, there is increasing interest in alternatives.

Although papers also consumes resources during production, it is better suited for recycling. If they do get into the environment, they decompose quickly.

As an option, model VF 200 can intermittently form uncoated papers into pillow bags. The hot glue application for the sealing is done with the newly developed TOROCOLL® system. The process works efficiently with minimal use of adhesive and energy.

This type of packaging is suitable for dry foods that only require portioning and handling protection. Paper is also suitable as an accessory bag with screws, dowels or similar parts. The content of the bag remains recognizable with transparent paper qualities; printing on the paper is also possible.


TOROCOLL-System in action