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The pneumatic air cylinders used in general mechanical engineering, in materials handling technology or in the construction of jigs and fixtures must often be complemented by add guides. TOSS pneumatic actuators are fitted with integrated precision guides, free from play. The smooth linear ball guide (type B…) or continuous ball guide (type C) fulfil a wide variety of requirements.

TOSS pneumatic actuators are of modular construction. The cylinder is integrated in the main body and connected to the movable upper part.

The pneumatic actuator is fastened using tapped holes on the bottom of the module. Ports for air are located on the rear opposite the face, on the front or on the side of the module. Air connections on the combination mounting plate are located both at the front and the side. Tapped holes on the top and the front enable tools to be attached.

Depending on the pneumatic actuators used, different hand-operated units with linear ball guides or slides are available.