Coated bands

Coated bands or bands covered with non-stick films

Coated bands are recommended for heavy-duty machines.

The direct heat transmission between band – coating – film allows to achieve considerably shorter impulse times. In addition, you can use smaller band cross sections which have a positive effect on the cooling of the seams, i.e. the machine performance can be increased.

Finally, the absence of the PTFE tape accelerates the replacement of the impulse band thus reducing the machine stoppages.

The coating of the heating bands or wires enables the heat to be transmitted optimally to the film which leads to short heating up and cooling down times. Moreover, the maintenance of the sealing bar is kept as easy as possible. When developing a new design the heating band can be mounted next to the cutter which reduces the film consumption.
All impulse bands can be coated with PTFE on request. Apart from the round wires often used for angular sealing systems we offer continuous coated flat- and special profiles as an innovation.

Depending on the application PTFE coatings with adapted properties can be delivered, i.e. pronounced non-sticking properties or a special capacity of resistance to wear.
Due to the limited temperature stability of PTFE the use of electronic temperature controller is absolutely necessary.

Please note:
When replacing a normal band with PTFE tape coating by our coated band, it is absolutely necessary that you set the temperature to a lower value , as otherwise the coating might be burnt.
The heating band materials (wires, bands, special profiles) can be coated by us with PTFE using the multilayer technique either fix length or continuous.