PTFE glass fabric films

PTFE glass fabric films

For its outstanding non-stick properties coming along with its temperature resistance, the soft and wax-like PTFE is holding a special position among plastic materials. PTFE-impregnated glass fabrics offer a considerable higher strength level thus expanding the range of their technical application possibilities. This combination of characteristics is resulting in a special suitability for the use as cover resp. anvil during film sealing processes, as well for numerous other applications due to the sliding resp. non-stick properties. PTFE glass fabrics are safe for the contact with foodstuff. We manufacture a wide range of product types:

    • on rolls
    • in sections or cuttings
    • customized cover sheeting for sealing bars (KB-Band, Cover Strip)
    • punched parts
    • welded tubes

Basic material exclusively originates from production of leading European manufacturers. Qualities with reduced PTFE coating are not used for our products.

PTFE glass fabric films


PTFE glass fabric tapes are available in all dimensions, without adhesive in the centre, so that there is no adhesive creating a barrier for the impulse sealing element thus improving sealing seams.

Cover-strip . . . longer service life
Cover-strip . . . better sealing results
Cover-strip . . . less machine downtime

The impulse band can expand without damaging or creasing the glass fabric.


For special applications:

On high-speed machines, for instance, it is useful to insert the impulse bands into a PTFE tube.

This tube is formed and sealed from flat PTFE-fabric. The heat conductor is simply introduced into the tubular tape. Thermal insulation to the supporting bar is provided by the lower double layer (overlapping seal area).

Advantage: rapid cooling of the heating band.

Data sheet PTFE glass fabrics


Data sheet Non-adhesive


Remarks: Adhesive PTFE-tapes must not be exposed to direct sunlight.
Optimum storage conditions at 20°C ±5°C at 45-74% humidity. Adhesive coatings have got a shelf life of six months from delivery. Subject of modifications. Errors excepted.
*according to ASTM D